The Groundsaw Line

The Groundsaw mini trenchers are great for digging a 13″ deep trench with minimal turf disturbance. Click on a model number below to see more information and detailed specs.

Groundsaw EZ9000

The Groundsaw will trench 100 feet in approximately 5 minutes. Replaceable heavy-duty carbide bits and all steel construction make it very durable and dependable. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE »

Groundsaw EZ9100

The NEW Groundsaw model EZ9100 was built for durability and performance. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE »

Specification Comparisons EZ9000 Groundsaw EZ9100 Groundsaw
Rate of Cut
Approximately 100' in 5 minutes (subject to soil conditions)
Progressive Cutting Carbide Blade
Cuts hard soils and tree roots (Replaceable heavy-duty carbide bits are very durable)
Neat & Clean Trench
2.5" wide trench from 0 to 13" deep
Belt Drive
Durable Wet Clutch
Absorbs sudden impacts and lessens belt wear; resulting in lower maintenance and more productivity.
Provides ample power and torque for trenching in tough conditions
Honda GX240
Honda GX200
Easily loaded and transported without having large trucks or special trailers
250 lbs 250 lbs

The Bedscaper BE400

The Bedscaper BE400 model doubles as a 7″ Trencher. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE