Bed Blade

Create beautifully manicured beds with the Bedscaper ® blade. The patented Bedscaper ® blade has staggered carbide cutting bits to cut through the toughest soils and roots. The blade design both augers soil and evenly distributes shock to lessen vibration and operator fatigue.
Can be used with E-Z Trench models:BE300, BE310, BE310-A, BE400 and EZ8000.

Paver Blades

The paver blades are used to prep ground for the installation of brick pavers, concrete curbing or landscape timbers. There are two widths available 4″ and 7″.

5” Edging Blade

5” deep edge and then steps up 3” deep about 4” total width. (the step is flat instead of angled like the bedscaper blade.

Wire/Cable Burial Kit

This kit is designed to convert the Bedscaper ® into a wire/cable burial unit. It comes with all the necessary parts including a blade to convert your Bedscaper ®. Use it to install low voltage lighting or underground pet fences.
Kits available for model BE400 to bury 3.5″ deep or 7″ deep and for the BE300 to bury 3.5″ deep.

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