Landscape Edgers

The Bedscaper and Edge Artist lines of landscape edgers both feature our patented blade design; reducing vibration and operator fatigue.

  • The Bedscaper Line

    Zero-Turn steering makes creating tight tree rings and beautifully shaped beds easy! Click on a model number below to see more information and detailed specs

    • Bedscaper BE300

      The model BE300 is powered by a Honda GX160 and belt drive. Compact and only 125lbs., this unit is great for a dedicated bed edger. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE »

    • Bedscaper BE400

      The Model BE400 bed edger has the added durability of a centrifugal clutch that is bathed in oil. This Honda made transmission provides superior engagement and helps minimize downtime from slipping belts. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE »

    Specification Comparisons Bedscaper BE300 Bedscaper BE400
    Superior Maneuverability
    Caster steering allows unrestricted turning radiuses for you to create unique and beautiful curved bed shapes.
    Pneumatic Tires
    Rolls easily over terrain.
    A fully adjustable and folding handle allows for easy storage and comfortable working height. Fits into a space 33"L x 27"W x 17"H.
    Easily convert to a cable installer which is great for installing hidden pet fencing, low-voltage landscape lighting and control wires.
    Carbide-tipped cutting blades
    For cutting through the toughest soils and roots.
    Oil-Bathed Centrifugal Clutch
    Handle Mounted Depth Control
    Easily change depth from a standing position.
    Adjustable Cutting Depth
    2, 3 or 4" 2, 3, 4, or 7"
    Honda engines provide consistent performance and reliable power.
    Honda GX160
    Honda GX200
    125 lbs 160 lbs

  • Edge Artist EA56

    The Edge Artist landscape edger by E-Z Trench utilizes the patented Bedscaper® blade design to define or redefine landscape edges. It has adjustable height on the front wheels allowing for variable cutting depths from 2″ to 3″ and 3″ to 4″. A Noram centrifugal clutch helps to eliminate slipping belts and downtime. Honda’s GX160 provides approximately 5.5hp to the Edge Artist’s carbide-tipped blade for powering through the toughest soils. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE